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Diversity In The Workplace

Find practical resources and tools to increase your capacity to hire, retain and integrate diverse employees into your workforce.

"Though BC attracts many well educated and experienced immigrants, many are not being utilized to their full potential and find it difficult to break into the BC labour market. If BC hopes to attract global talent and fill these openings, more needs to be done to facilitate the job search process and recognize their accomplishments."
Charlee Hawes, Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society Employment Consultant
"Aboriginal youth represent the fastest growing demographic in this country, which indicates a workforce comprised of a large percentage of Aboriginal people. Inclusion of these people in the workforce is essential for Canada’s economic development. Providing a workplace that is safe, respectful, diverse and inclusive is paramount to success for both the employer and employee."
Laura Tait - District Principal, Aboriginal Education
Nanaimo-Ladysmith SD68
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Becoming a Diverse Organization A Diversity Organizational Change Roadmap

If you are going to embark on creating a more diverse and inclusive organization the following checklist has been developed to assist you.

The Next Generation

Evaluating Immigrant and Aboriginal Youth Transitions to Employment in British Columbia

15 most frequently asked questions about Diversity in the workplace

When trying to institute organizational change questions arise. Here you will find 15 most common asked questions answered by professionals that work in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Quiz

Please try out these diversity in the workplace quizzes we have developed.

Links for Diversity in the Workplace

Here you will find beneficial information, tools and resource links to help you design, implement and create a diverse workforce.

A welcoming and inclusive workplace checklist

A diverse workplace with an inclusive culture results in increased productivity, higher retention rates, new markets and good client/customer relations, all of which improve the bottom line. This checklist will assist employers and employees in assessing how they participant in creating an inclusive workplace culture.

Communication across cultures-Workshop

All communication is cultural -- it draws on ways we have learned to speak and give nonverbal messages. In this workshop participants learn the impact of culture on communication and develop skills to communicate in the diverse workplace of the 21st Century.This workshop includes handouts.

Cultural Competence for the workplace - Workshop

The capacity to perform successfully in culturally diverse environments means bringing cultural competent awareness, skills, and knowledge to everyday cross-cultural workplace situations. This workshop explores the competencies that support participants on the road to being culturally competent.

Barriers to an inclusive workplace

Research shows that the barriers to finding successful, stable employment as an immigrant or Aboriginal person in British Columbia are significantly higher than those faced by mainstream society. This article explores the barriers that exist for Immigrant and Aboriginal people in workplaces and how to address them.

Succession Planning

British Columbia is rich with opportunities for business succession. Yet small businesses are facing a crisis, as some owners close to retirement have not planned for the future of their businesses. This article examines the entrepreneurial skills both immigrant and Aboriginal People have and the importance for small business owners to build diversity into their...

Workplaces in 5 and 10 years

Immigrants and Aboriginal people are the fastest growing demographic groups in Canada. As the demand for labour is projected to increase in the next five to ten years in BC, this articles demonstrates the importance for employers to incorporate diversity into their workforce.